What our clients say about us

Chris Woodruff
Former CEO
Melbourne Airport

"Melbourne Airport is required to have a robust Crisis Management Team with appropriately trained staff who are well prepared for any crisis.


To ensure we have a contemporary and robust Crisis Management Team and Plan, we engaged the services of Crisis Shield. They delivered the required audit, preparatory, training and testing activity to ensure we were highly proficient in crisis planning and response. 


Crisis Shield have facilitated two scenario exercises involving our Executive Team and key operational staff and have been valuable in testing our team and crisis management plans.


I would recommend Crisis Shield as a professional and highly skilled organisation."

Kirsten Bain
Head of Operations
Contiki Asia & Australia

"Contiki has always had a very robust operational response to a crisis but working with Crisis Shield highlighted areas where we could really excel under challenging circumstances.


The training was well presented, well-paced and interactive which encouraged all staff to participate fully.


The Simulation was well planned and a very likely occurrence in today’s world. 


Even if you think you have Crisis Response covered, there is value in engaging Allan and the team to make sure you’re in line with policies and current technology. A huge asset to any company, big or small."

Major Property & Entertainment Client
Major Manufacturing Client

What was the most valuable part of today’s Exercise for you?

“Practical examples & run through of Media Training.”


“Practical on-camera experience & subsequent coaching.”


“Pushed out of comfort zone and seeing myself on camera.”


“The hands on approach with interviews and tough line of questioning.”

What was the most valuable part of today’s Exercise for you?

“Running through the plan, roles and different challenges.”


“Simulating interactions across the respective areas.”


“The realisation we need to improve.”


“Seeing the CMT in action, very informative.”


“The practice of running an exercise.”

Staff Training and Testing Feedback

Higher Education Client

100% of participants thought the training had improved their understanding of their Crisis Team role, and their ability to perform it.


Q: What was the best feature of the training workshops?


"Practical Knowledge"


"Systemic approach"


"Good overview and clarity on current best practice"


"Practical skills to implement in real situations"


"Videos and checklist kit"


"Practical exercises and running through our packs"


"Informed the importance of having a plan"


"Knowing what to expect and where to find our resources"


"Getting clarity on what is expected of us in this role"


"Overview of the tools available, what to do and what not to do"


"Thinking outside of normal working environment"


"Understanding my new responsibilities"


"Identifying the processes in place in the organisation"


Q: What was the most valuable part of today's Simulation Exercise for you?


"To actually do the dry run. The simulation was great"


"To run through the scenario - good learnings"


"Putting yourself in the scenario and acting it out is really valuable"


"Coming to an understanding of working together"


"Practicing the response, particularly in gathering information and being disciplined with communication"


"Putting yourself in the scenario and aciting it out is really valuable"


"Putting it into practice"


"Practiced experience of sourcing business continuity data from our software to provide to the planning team / CIMT for impact analysis and business continuity planning"


"Understanding the interaction between groups"


Crisis Management


“I recently undertook a strategic approach to crisis communications at Crisis Shield. It was one of the most valuable and relevant courses I have done.

It provides practical and hands-on advice that guides you through the process of developing a crisis communications plan, the role and value of key messages and delivery to camera. Allan walks you through the strategic planning process and illustrates the importance of planning for a crisis events with timely and high profile examples.

Even if you don’t have spokesperson responsibilities this course gives you a taste of what it feels like to deliver key messages and navigate a door stop interview and media conference. Allan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field to support the training.

A highly recommended course that was educational, interactive and fun.”


Ali Garner

Corporate Communications Manager, Tourism Victoria



“If you need proper crisis management advice that ranges from the operational to the strategic, then Allan Briggs is quite simply the first person you need to call. Lots of companies claim to be able to do this, but very few have hands-on experience when it comes to major incidents like bushfires and major public emergencies.”


Richard Taylor
Managing Director, Media Taylor






Media Management


“LOTE Marketing worked directly with Allan in his capacity at the SES in its role it was required to undertake multicultural recruitment communication in the Springvale area. With Allan’s support the campaign involving press radio and posters was highly successful and raised the awareness of the SES”


Geoff Meakin

Managing Director, LOTE Marketing





Strategic Planning

“Allan’s Strategic Planning course was excellent. The day-long course provides attendees with a simple approach to short-term and long-term strategic planning. After the course, I left feeling confident about writing strategic plans, the different types of strategic plans, why we need them and how to evaluate them.

Allan demonstrates the power of strong strategic planning throughout the day, and at the end of the day, gets each of the attendees to work on real-life examples in order to practice the theory learnt in the first half of the day.

I would recommend Allan’s course to anyone who would like to improve their strategic mind and write the perfect plan!”


Alice Urquhart

Communications Coordinator, Metlink


Build Your Personal Brand (BYPB)

“Allan keeps all course material firmly rooted in the practical and the relevant. His approachability, responsiveness and willingness to share his experiences means that his classes are engaging and feel more like professional development than pure academia.


I would not hesitate to recommend Allan’s work as a lecturer to anyone interested in studying communications.”


Carlita Bevege
Communications Adviser, Foundation for Young Australians



“There are so many things we can do to promote ourselves and create great relationships – whether via our CV, LinkedIn or face-to-face – but we tend to neglect some of these critical elements. 

I found this ‘Build your personal brand’ session to be inspiring, motivating and useful. I found I could start taking action right away.”


Andrea Verberne
Former Internal Communications Consultant, Standard Life



“I have been in marketing for over 20 years at the senior corporate level. However I have never considered my own personal brand management. The Crisis Shield Personal Brand session was excellent! Hard hitting – on the mark!

Gave me a totally different perspective to digitally managing and living my own brand."


Geoff Kneale
MD, Reconcile




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