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Our Quality Policy


Crisis Shield accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of our clients.  We are a niche crisis management and communications company; we help organisations build their capabilities so they are ready, willing and able to manage a crisis.


Crisis Shield prides itself on providing specialist services with passion, professionalism and practicality. Our objective is to deliver services which meet our clients’ objectives and are value for money. We set objectives which are part of our Quality Manual and monitor our progress towards these. We will comply with legal and regulatory requirements.


We exercise this responsibility by training our employees adequately, adhering to procedures, and committing totally to meeting and exceeding our clients’ requirements.  We nurture a culture of continuous improvement, which is central to our Quality Management System.


We review this Quality Policy annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Crisis Shield and our activities.


I personally affirm my commitment to enhancing the services we provide our clients, by implementing ISO 9001.  I fully support our Quality Manual’s provisions, and solicit the active partnership of all our personnel in implementing it.


Allan Briggs

Managing Director


Crisis Shield


15 October 2019


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