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Crisis Communications Team
Crisis Shield Team
Crisis Shield Team
Crisis Shield Team
Crisis Communications


At Crisis Shield we place great importance on trust and forming constructive, open and lasting relationships.


We work in a way that is open, honest and transparent and value the personal and professional contribution made by all those we engage with. We ask for the same back. In order to engage effectively and deliver our specialist services to assist you in achieving your personal and business objectives we appreciate:


  • Honesty about your intentions

  • To be kept informed of your situation

  • Open and accessible dialogue


Our Vision, Mission, Values and Ethics are extremely important; they underpin how we work.


Our Dream (Vision)

To support organisations and individuals to achieve their best in Communications.


What we will do (Mission)

Provide professional, timely and accurate communications services to practitioners and organisations in the areas of Communications, Training and Crisis.


What resonates with us (Values)

Our business is about people. Integral to this is honesty, being upfront, confidentiality and respect. We believe in integrity, innovation and having fun. This is the way we behave; we expect the same of others.


Drawing the line (Ethics)

Beyond all else we believe our ethical standing is paramount. To this end we will not undertake dishonourable practices to win clients or secure talent. Crisis Shield has been built on a reputation of trust and ethical behaviour.

Our Approach

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